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I am pleased to share Halyard's 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report with our stakeholders. 2015 was Halyard's first full year as an independent company. Those of you who have been following us for a while know we've charted a course to execute a long-term strategy of transforming Halyard into a global medical devices company. Our goals for 2015 were to lay the groundwork for that transformation by completing our separation from Kimberly-Clark and building our capabilities as an independent organization. I am proud to say that we accomplished those goals, and have now turned our attention to the transformations in our portfolio, company and culture that will take place over the next few years.

We are no longer a small segment of a large consumer goods company; we are a bold and agile healthcare company with an innovative spirit. Through increased investment in research and development and strategic acquisitions, we will enhance our medical devices segment and realize our vision of becoming a leading medical devices company. The time is right: there is a growing body of evidence around the dangers of opioid pain management; Halyard's non-narcotic pain management solutions represent just one innovative approach that will positively impact the future of healthcare.

When people are healthy, they not only live longer, they live better—and do more. Halyard's CARE FORWARD* brand promise reflects our belief that good health is fundamental to individual achievement and societal advancement. It symbolizes the promise that Halyard makes to the millions of people we touch each and every day:

  • To truly understand their needs and to put that understanding to use by helping people to get healthy, as quickly and comfortably as possible, and to stay healthy
  • To improve the industry as we strive to improve ourselves—positively impacting the access, quality and consistency of care for individuals and communities around the world

Throughout our transformation, our noble mission will remain the same: to advance health and healthcare by preventing infection, eliminating pain and speeding recovery. We will achieve our mission by delivering clinically superior products with remarkable service to improve the wellbeing of the people we touch every day.

But building great products is only part of what we will do to make a difference. Achieving our mission also means that we are good corporate citizens, carefully considering our impact on society and the environment while delivering on our commitments to our stockholders. How we do business is as important as the business we do, and we measure our success not only by the bottom line but also by how we meet the expectations of our many stakeholders.

In this report, we provide our stakeholders with information about our commitment to ethics and operating with integrity, employee well-being and safety, social responsibility of our supply chain, product safety, environmental stewardship, and fiscal responsibility.

We are proud of our 2015 accomplishments:

  • Executed the remaining elements of our spinoff from Kimberly-Clark with no material disruptions to our customers or our employees
  • Diverted 99.56% of our manufacturing waste from landfills
  • Continued to grow the BLUE RENEW* Sterilization Wrap Recycling Program—the largest recycling program of a single product used in the operating room—with an estimated four million pounds of HALYARD* Sterilization Wrap diverted for recycling annually
  • Reported zero fatalities in all of our facilities and had a reportable incident rate of 0.10 incidents per 100 employees

Our goals for 2016 include:

  • Invest in growth programs and aggressively expand our medical devices product portfolio
  • Continue to strengthen our product quality programs and improve customer experience
  • Achieve zero workplace fatalities and reportable incidents
  • Deliver shareholder value by generating strong cash flow
  • Strive to achieve 100% landfill-free operations across the globe
  • Execute initiatives to fuel growth, deliver operational efficiencies, and build our culture

At Halyard, we are united by a clear mission and a culture of accountability that brings out the best in us and I believe we can do amazing things. As you read our 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report, I hope you will agree that we are committed to our core values of being Authentic, Bold and Caring in everything we do and to meeting the corporate citizenship expectations of our many stakeholders.

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