Kimberly-Clark has been presented with the prestigious Innoster Award for innovation for its new Kimguard Smart-Fold Wrap.

The prize was awarded during the 35th Journées Nationales d’Etude sur la Stérilisation (National Sterilisation Study Days) – France’s leading sterilisation congress – organized in Marseille by the CEFH, which aims to stimulate sterilisation and the quality of care, as well as innovation in the sterilisation environment.

On an annual basis, manufacturers are invited to submit products that demonstrate innovation in their concept, efficacy and performance. The products have to show how they will improve the quality of life within the sterilisation department, enhance the quality of the sterilisation process or further progress the security and hygiene within the sterilisation department. The prize is awarded by congress visitors through a voting system.

“We’re thrilled to win the Innoster Award,” said Karina Engels, Product Manager Sterilisation & InteguSeal for Kimberly-Clark Health Care. “Smart-Fold is a great product, which can save valuable time and resources in the central sterile services department (CSSD). At the same time it provides the durability necessary to protect the heaviest trays and so guarantee the integrity of the sterilised surgical instruments.”

“We’re delighted to know that visitors thought the same and could see the potential for Smart-Fold. The stand was busy throughout the meeting and we were very pleased with the feedback from delegates.”

The innovative features of Smart-Fold include triple-layer reinforcement, making the sterilisation wrap 64 percent more durable1. This protects the heaviest procedure trays from tears and cuts that can occur during handling. The extra reinforcement also translates to fewer trays being returned for reprocessing. As with all Kimguard* products,

Smart-Fold is treated with the unique patented PowerGuard* technology resulting into an excellent bacterial barrier of 99.9% 2.
Smart-Fold was developed in collaboration with sterilisation professionals from around the world and its patented design is engineered to fit the most challenging procedure trays and reduce waste. The dedicated positioning strips allow for 59 per cent3 faster wrapping, which results in less physical strain on staff and less training time.

In addition to its unique design and triple-layer reinforcement for durability, Smart-Fold also includes the Quick Check feature, combining a blue wrap layer with a white inner layer so users can quickly and easily identify if sterility has been breached.



1. EQ-STM-4566
2. Materials and preformed sterile barrier systems test performed as per ASTM F2101. Iso 11607-1:2006 Section 2.
3. Comparison of Kimguard* Smart-Fold* Warp to Kimguard One-Step* Wrap and Kimguard* Sequential Wrap: Kurt Salmon & Associates, Time and Motion Studies on the Labor Requirements of the Kimguard Smart-Fold, One-Step and Sequential Wraps, June 2011.

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