Halyard Health Introduces New Line of ASTM-Rated Specialty Surgical Masks

ALPHARETTA, Ga.Oct. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Halyard Health (NYSE: HYH), formerly Kimberly-Clark Health Care, a global medical technology company focused on preventing infection, eliminating pain and speeding recovery, today announced the addition of four new HALYARD FLUIDSHIELD ASTM-rated specialty surgical face masks to its product portfolio. Each mask offers either ASTM Level 1 or 2 fluid protection in accordance with ASTM F2100-11, the industry standard for the performance of medical face masks. 

Studies show that blood or other bodily fluids strike the face of operating room staff on average between 45-51 percent of the time, putting them at potential risk for infection. Fluid protection is critical, yet more than 70 percent of all face masks used today are not ASTM-rated for fluid-resistance. HALYARD FLUIDSHIELD ASTM-rated face masks offer both fluid protection and unique comfort features, including SO SOFT Lining, designed to meet clinicians' and operating room staff's needs. These new products round out the Company's extensive ASTM-rated fluid-protective mask offering.

The new offering includes:

  • 39117 HALYARD FLUIDSHIELD ASTM Level 1 Surgical Mask with Horizontal Ties
  • 39118 HALYARD FLUIDSHIELD ASTM Level 1 Surgical Mask with Horizontal Ties and High-Clarity WrapAround Visor
  • 39123 HALYARD FLUIDSHIELD ASTM Level 2 Expanded Chamber Surgical Mask with Ties
  • 39124 HALYARD FLUIDSHIELD ASTM Level 2 Expanded Chamber Surgical Mask with High-Clarity WrapAround Visor and Ties

"FLUIDSHIELD ASTM-rated specialty masks represent an innovation born out of customer need for a surgical mask that combines specific performance and comfort features together with the ASTM rating for fluid protection for the operating room," said Lon Taylor, ‎director of marketing, surgical & infection prevention, Halyard Health. "Our customers have relied on Kimberly-Clark Health Care and now Halyard Health to provide consistent and dependable products that are compliant with the latest standards, and we are proud to expand our face mask product line and be a singular source to best meet those needs." 

As the market leader in facial protection in the U.S., Halyard offers a broad selection of face masks that meet the ASTM standard at all levels, enabling users to select the right mask for each task. The FLUIDSHIELD ASTM-rated specialty surgical masks are the newest addition to the FLUIDSHIELD product portfolio, which also includes numerous styles of FLUIDSHIELD masks with their unique SO SOFT Lining.

For additional information about the new ASTM-rated specialty surgical masks, visit www.halyardhealth.com/ASTMFaceMasks. For educational resources on surgical face mask use and the ASTM F2100-11 standard, visit the HALYARD KNOWLEDGE NETWORK* at www.HalyardKnowledgeNetwork.com