Supporting MedShare International

MedShare International, a key charitable partner for Halyard, has been delivering products to clinics and doctors throughout the world needing critical medical supplies. Halyard helped launch MedShare in 1998 as its first corporate partner. Our medical exam gloves have been in every MedShare shipment for over fifteen years.

In continued support of MedShare, Halyard sponsored a fundraising event with a moving account of our journey with MedShare and what it means to doctors and their patients. Guests were inspired by extraordinary individuals who have made a positive impact on the health and quality of life for people around the world. Presenters included Bruce Ribner, MD, M.P.H., medical director of Emory University Hospital's Serious Communicable Disease Unit, who leads the unit which successfully handled three Ebola patients during the height of the outbreak. Also sharing inspiring messages were Dr. Carl Kihm, Podiatrist & Medical Mission Surgeon, helping needy patients with club feet and other deformities and Tatiana Jean-Louis, UPS Analyst & MedShare Volunteer from Haiti, recounting her ability to touch her community through MedShare. The final speaker was A.B. Short, MedShare Founder & Former CEO, sharing impactful moments of aid in his experience regarding the impact of medical deliveries by MedShare. The event helped to raise $120,000 in one evening.  

In 2014, Halyard participated in a specifically directed product donation effort through MedShare International to aid healthcare workers in caring for patients in regions of Ebola outbreaks. Every MedShare Ebola shipment to Guinea, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia in 2014 included Halyard Health donated products. Those products helped protect healthcare workers while they treated patients and contained this deadly epidemic. In 2014 alone, our donations provided $3.2 million worth of donations to help in the efforts of MedShare around the world. Since 2008, we have donated more than $23 million in product value to help fulfill product needs for their noble mission. As MedShare’s largest product donor, Halyard is committed to ongoing support through our monthly donations. Many of our own customers are donors, as well. Find out more about MedShare, here.