Halyard Health Responds to 60 Minutes Story Promotion

Halyard Health is aware that the CBS News program 60 Minutes will air a segment on Sunday, May 1 featuring the company. Chris Lowery, Halyard Health’s Chief Operating Officer, was interviewed on camera and will appear in the piece. The primary focus of the story is the MICROCOOL gown and the litigation that was filed prior to Halyard Health’s spin-off from Kimberly-Clark in 2014. The company disagrees with the allegations in the lawsuit and engaged with 60 Minutes to express confidence in the safety and efficacy of the MICROCOOL gown.

MICROCOOL gowns have a remarkable safety record. Since they were introduced in 2010, the company has sold more than 58 million gowns and received less than 1 complaint of a strikethrough per million gowns sold. There has never been a single reported case of an individual becoming infected due to a defect in one of Halyard Health’s gowns. The MICROCOOL gowns are and always have been safe and effective.

Following the segment, a more detailed response will be posted on www.halyardhealth.com on Monday, May 2.