Halyard Health & Sustainable Solutions Announce Licensing Agreement for Hospital Products from Recycled Sterilization Wrap

Halyard Health, Inc. today announced a new license and supply agreement with Sustainable Solutions LLC to convert recycled HALYARD* Wrap into environmentally conscious products for healthcare facilities.

"This new effort with Sustainable Solutions underscores our collective commitment to developing innovative solutions that enable healthcare facilities to take concrete steps to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their overarching sustainability goals," said Joe Hannibal, Associate Marketing Director, Halyard Health. "Best of all, it represents a natural extension of our BLUE RENEW* Wrap Recycling Program."

This first-of-its kind agreement on this scale is an extension of Halyard's BLUE RENEW* Wrap Recycling Program, designed to offer healthcare facilities a step-by-step approach for easily and efficiently recycling the company's used sterilization wrap. Sustainable Solutions will collect and recycle HALYARD* Wrap waste from customers and convert the material into BlueCON Resin®—the company's proprietary material engineered from cleani HALYARD* Wrap waste. Ultimately, the company will convert BlueCON Resin into sustainable hospital products, including distribution and product totes, garbage cans, bedpans and washbasins. These products are available for direct purchase through Sustainable Solutions.

The program will extend the lifecycle of single-use wrap, allowing healthcare facilities to recycle the more than 30 million pounds of annual wrap waste generated by ORs, and later purchase Sustainable Solutions' recycled products made from BlueCON Resin. Paired with the BLUE RENEW* Recycling Program, this effort will provide healthcare facilities with the tools they need to:

  • Develop sustainable recycling practices in the OR,
  • Reap landfill diversion savings,
  • Reduce carbon footprint by purchasing sustainable products, and
  • Make a valuable contribution to their institutions' corporate, social and environmental