Fire Safety in the Operating Room - Strategies for Keeping it Safe

A discussion of potential fire hazards in the operating room along with prevention strategies and safety plans.

Fires in the operating room are always unexpected and can occur in a patient’s airway, face, body surface, surgical wound, and perineal area – potentially resulting in severe pain, disfigurement and, in some cases, death. Injuries are not limited to patients alone; they may also involve healthcare personnel. Regardless of who sustains physical injury, all individuals involved in the incident can experience long-term emotional trauma. Many healthcare professionals do not recognize the potential for fire, are skeptical that the threat exists as so few happen each year, or simply believe it will not happen to them. However, the threat of fire is real, and preventing operating room fires is a patient safety imperative. Therefore, it is vital that each member of the perioperative team understand the causes of these events and follow appropriate fire safety practices.

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  • Nurses 1.0 CH
  • Surgical Technologists 1.0 CH (NCCT)

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