COOLIEF* Physician Toolkit

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Physician Materials for Office Use and Educating Patients About COOLIEF* Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment

Because COOLIEF* Cooled RF holds the potential to play an effective role in the continuum of care for patients who suffer with chronic pain, we are strongly committed to helping you bring this minimally invasive treatment option to patients who may benefit.

For your convenience on this page:

  • Print materials can be downloaded to run additional copies on your printer or to post on your website.
  • Digital buttons for use on your website can be programmed by you to link to the patient website www.myCoolief.com or to your own web page displaying the patient educational materials provided here.
  • Two video testimonials of patients, who have been treated using COOLIEF* Cooled RF for their chronic pain, can be used on office digital display screens or on your website to aid in the education of patients.  


A Poster with illustrations of COOLIEF* Cooled RF lesioning can be posted on your website.  Printed posters are also available through Halyard for use in exam rooms. Click on the link below to open and save the poster. 

pdficons COOLIEF* Spine Anatomy Poster pdficons COOLIEF* Hip & Knee Anatomy Poster

Fact Sheet

Facts about COOLIEF* Cooled RF and Chronic Pain for your reference and use.

pdficons COOLIEF* Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about COOLIEF* Cooled RF for use with patients and referring physicians.

pdficons COOLIEF* FAQs

Press Release Template

Customize with your practice information and share with local media

pdficons Press Release Template

Website Buttons 

Two digital buttons, each in two sizes, which you can place on your website and create a link to COOLIEF* Cooled RF information on www.myCoolief.com or your own website. Right click on the image you'd like and Save it to your machine. Select the image format of your choosing.

JPG Images: 

 Learn More About Square jpg           Learn More About jpg                
Ask Me About Square           Ask Me About jpg

PNG Images:

Learn More About Small            Learn More About png
Ask Me Square png            Ask Me About png

Patient Video Testimonials 

Barbara Ford, Chronic Pain Patient   - Click here for the video embed code

Sue Bartoszewski, Chronic Pain Patient  - Click here for the video embed code

Patient Brochures 

Brochures by modality are available in PDF format for posting on your website or can be ordered in printed format through Halyard.

pdficons COOLIEF* Cervical Cooled Radiofrequency to address chronic cervical pain  pdficons COOLIEF* SINERGY* Sacroiliac Cooled Radiofrequency to address chronic sacroiliac joint pain
pdficons COOLIEF* Thoracic Cooled Radiofrequency to address chronic thoracic spine pain pdficons
COOLIEF* Knee Cooled Radiofrequency to address chronic knee pain
pdficons COOLIEF* Lumbar Cooled Radiofrequency to address chronic lower back pain pdficons
COOLIEF* Hip Cooled Radiofrequency to address chronic hip joint pain
pdficons COOLIEF* TRANSDISCAL* Disc Biaclupasty Coolded Radiofrequency to address discogenic back pain