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Trach Home Care

Tracheostomy patients who are ventilator-dependent aren’t limited to intensive care units.  Patients who have transferred home face many of the same challenges and risks associated with ventilation.  “Closed Suction is accepted as the Standard of Care for ventilated patients.” (Van Hooser, 2002)

Home Care Ventilated Patients

From hospital to home, patients at home who breathe with assistance of a ventilator will face many of the same challenges at home as they did in the ICU, including tracheostomy care and suctioning.  That’s why it's important to continue the essential clinical benefits that closed suction catheter systems are proven to provide over open catheters.

As the global leader in closed tracheal suctioning, HALYARD* Closed Suction System is designed to safely suction patients on mechanical ventilation, while providing protection for both the patient and the caregiver.  These systems are accompanied by these simple, easy-to-use educational and training tools, allowing you the ability to provide your loved ones a highlevel of safe and quality care, long after they’ve come home.


A reference guide for Home Care pediatric tracheostomy patients.

Reimbursement Information

For information about filing claims with Medicaid, Medicare, and directly with your health insurance plan.

HALYARD* TRACH CARE* Home Care Guide Tracheostomy Measured Depth Suction Card

Reference tool for determining proper suction depth for neonatal and pediatric patients using HALYARD* Ballard* Neonatal and Pediatric Trach Care* Closed Suction Systems.