2016 ANCC National Magnet Conference | Halyard Health

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Study showed 87% of rigid containers tested positive for bacterial contamination...

You may have thought you were protecting your patients by using rigid containers to sterilize your instruments. But a recent independent study showed – after terminal sterilization – 87% of rigid containers do not maintain sterility through transport and handling.1 To Learn more come by our Booth (#1103) at MAGNET® or Download this important study at: www.halyardhealth.com/patientsafety 

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Take advantage of this opportunity to see our products first-hand and talk with a Halyard Representative.

At HALYARD Booth #1103, you will experience:

ON-Q* Pain Relief System: Part of a multimodal approach to improve pain control, reduce opioid utilization postoperatively, and lower hospital length-of-stay, ON-Q* provides patients with over three days of predictable pain relief. With ON-Q*, patients can be both comfortable after surgery and capable of activity while they efficiently move through the recovery process. 

AERO SERIES* Gowns: Includes the AERO BLUE* Performance Surgical Gown and the new AERO CHROME* Breathable Performance Surgical Gown, providing surgical staff with AAMI Level 3 and AAMI Level 4 protection in a full range of surgical procedures. AERO CHROME*, the latest innovation in surgical gowns, is a soft, lightweight and breathable gown combining unprecedented comfort with the highest level of both fluid and microbial protection. 

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1 Out of 111 rigid containers tested, 14 (12.6%) had no bacterial ingress, 25 (22.5%) had ingress of 1-9 CFU, 52 (46.8%) had ingress of 10-99 CFU, and 20 (18.0%) had ingress >100 CFU. † Harry L. Shaffer MS, Delbert A. Harnish MS, and Brian K. Heimbuch MS contributed to/authored the above article at the time they had a financial consulting relationship with Halyard Health, Inc.; however, they were not compensated by Halyard Health, Inc. for their respective contributions/authorship of the article. 

There are inherent risks in all medical devices. Please refer to the product labeling for Indications, Cautions, Warnings, and Contraindications. Failure to follow the product labeling could directly impact patient safety. Physician is responsible for prescribing and administering medications per instructions provided by the drug manufacturer. Refer to www.halyardhealth.com for product safety Technical Bulletins.