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At Halyard, we’re excited to continue our legacy of partnership with hospitals and healthcare professionals to move Care Forward. That’s why we’re once again sponsoring the AORN Nurse Executive Leadership Series (NELS) for 2018. Together, AORN and Halyard are committed to professional development opportunities for perioperative nurses to promote patient safety and optimal OR outcomes.

We look forward to meeting with many of you at upcoming NELS events around the country!

Because AORN and Halyard are committed to providing professional development opportunities for perioperative nurses to promote patient safety and optimal OR outcomes, we share the following articles:

Increasing Patient Safety Through a Culture of Collaboration
In the current healthcare environment, hospital departments can no longer afford to work in silos. This is arguably most important when it applies to surgical workflows, which require airtight protocols to ensure surgical instruments maintain sterility. When sterile processing departments (SPDs) and OR departments work together they can improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency, empower their employees, and reduce costs. Industry expert and former SPD manager, Phillip Van Gorp, and OR nurse manager Cathy Cassidy, BSN, RN, CNOR, NE-BC, discussed their perspectives on creating a culture of collaboration. Read More

Other Articles of Interest


"Innovation, Optimization, and Transformation in the Perioperative Setting"

Join with OR and SPD Professionals and management peers to learn about the transformation occurring in healthcare, the importance of innovation in developing a better patient experience, and tools to help eliminate inefficiencies that cause frustrations for the healthcare provider.  Includes accredited education content:

Spend a day to learn what's next. 

Click here to sign up for an upcoming AORN NELS Workshop near you! We are especially excited to once again welcome Atlanta-area attendees to the October 30th NELS event hosted at Halyard headquarters! 

September 13 - Chicago
September 25 - Baltimore
September 27 - Newark (Wayne)
October 2 - San Diego
October 9 - San Rafeal
October 11 - Philadelphia
October 16 - Cincinnati
October 18 - Pittsburgh
October 30 - Atlanta (Halyard Corporate Office)
November 1 - Dallas

In 2018, Halyard will once again “Double Your Donation” during the AORN Matching Gifts campaign. In November and December 2017, the Matching Gifts campaign helped raise over $35,000 for the AORN Foundation—and Halyard matched the first $20,000 in member contributions through our Double Your Donation sponsorship. Visit www.aorn.org/Foundation to learn more about making a gift to the Foundation.

NELS Halyard AdvantageThe HALYARD KNOWLEDGE NETWORK* is our dynamic collection of accredited educational resources that provide insight and information to clinicians on relevant and critical healthcare issues. Most courses provide Continuing Education credit for nurses, respiratory therapists, surgical technologists or central service/sterile processing department professionals. In 2016, over 27,000 attendees took advantage of these educational resources and the knowledge they provide to improve:

  • Patient outcomes
  • Staff competency
  • Staff protection
  • Hospital/facility risk reduction

The Knowledge Network curriculum includes over 80 programs, available online and in onsite presentation format, including:

Guess Who's Coming to Surgery (Patient Factors) (26:04 min)

Fire Safety in the Operating Room (27:41 min)

See all of our ESP courses

INDEPENDENT STUDY1 SHOWS THAT AFTER TERMINAL STERILIZATION, 87% of rigid containers tested positive for bacterial contamination.For your free copy of this important study, CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE  to download a poster about The Sterility Maintenance Study.

To download detailed information about The Sterility Maintenance Study, a KOL Roundtable Discussion, and how to test your own containers, visit our PatientSafety page.

Research was funded by Halyard Health, Inc. (formerly Kimberly-Clark Heath Care) and conducted by Applied Research Associates, an international research laboratory. Halyard Health did not have any direct involvement in execution of the study. The study took place in an independent laboratory in Panama City, Florida, and the study was conducted by independent researchers.

1. Harry L. Shaffer MS†, Delbert A. Harnish MS†, Michael McDonald MS, Reid A. Vernon BS, Brian K. Heimbuch MS†. Sterility maintenance study: Dynamic evaluation of sterilized rigid containers and wrapped instrument trays to prevent bacterial ingress. Am J Infect Control. 2015 Dec;43(12)1336–1341.
2. Out of 111 rigid containers tested, 14 (12.6%) had no bacterial ingress, 25 (22.5%) had ingress of 1-9 CFU, 52 (46.8%) had ingress of 10-99 CFU, and 20 (18.0%) had ingress >100 CFU. † Harry L. Shaffer MS, Delbert A. Harnish MS, and Brian K. Heimbuch MS contributed to/authored the above article at the time they had a financial consulting relationship with Halyard Health, Inc.; however, they were not compensated by Halyard Health, Inc. for their respective contributions/authorship of the article.


Every Perioperative Team has unique needs and requirements. That’s why Halyard Health brings you custom-designed services and solutions to target the areas you wish to improve. To target better compliance with AORN and AAMI guidelines, download our Simplified Guide to the Gown Guidelines poster or Contact your Halyard Rep to learn more.


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