...And every 48 hours, another smart Novation-served
hospital switches to Halyard.

What Do They Know That You Don't Know?

When we asked hospitals who recently switched to
Halyard, these are the top reasons they gave:

  • Proven quality and protection they get from our surgical products
  • Affordability and cost transparency that helps them control surgical supply costs
  • Advantages of Novation contract compliance, including significant savings
  • Service and support from their HALYARD* Representative

In fact, every 48 hours another Novation member hospital switches to Halyard for their surgical supplies. Learn how you can be the next switch.


Talk to your Halyard representative today.

Novation Spotlight

Accredited Webinar: Biofilms in Medicine: Patients Threatened by Highly Organized Militant Pathogens

This LIVE WEBINAR presented by Dr. Wava Truscott will discussed the role of microbial biofilms in human infections generally, describe their formation on medical devices, and explain how biofilms in the healthcare environment and poorly cleaned instruments have caused notable outbreaks and poor patient outcomes.

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Now Available

A recorded version of the Webinar Wednesday presentation: Sterile Lint & Particles: Do They Put Surgical Patients at Risk? Click here to watch