Halyard Supports ALS Awareness

Adequate Nutrition and Feeding Tubes is important for patients with ALS

  • Enteral feeding increases quality of life
  • Consider placement of feeding tube before ALS symptoms worsen

Feeding Tubes in ALS Patients

When should the feeding tube be placed - how long can I wait?

Do your patients have...

  • difficulty in swallowing?
  • problems breathing when swallowing?
  • problems with choaking?
  • recurring aspiration into the lungs and/or pneumonia

What are the benefits of having the feeding tube placed?

Feeding Tubes Provide ALS Patients:

  • ways to receive required nutrition - helps to maintain weight & energy
  • increased fluid intake - helps prevent dehydration and constipation
  • route for medication

Reduces risk of chest infections (e.g., aspiration into lungs)

Click the link to view a helpful webinar and utilize as a training tool for you and your staff - "Adequate Nutrition and Feeding Tubes in ALS - Webinar"

Or you can get a copy of the presentation and key takeaways here - "Adequate Nutrition and Feeding Tubes in ALS - Handout"


Is Your Patients Feeding Tube Getting In The Way?



The need for enteral feeding can be emotionally complex and limit patients’ lifestyle choices. Traditional feeding tubes may be difficult to conceal, visible through clothing and pose increased risk of snagging and removal – all of which can make patients limit their activities.

The MIC-KEY* Feeding Tube for adults sits at skin level to help give your patients more freedom and mobility.

MIC-KEY* Feeding Tube for Adults

  • Sits at skin level
  • Easy to conceal
  • Limited interference with clothing
  • Various sizes for adults
  • Enables patients to enjoy life to the fullest

Versus Traditional Feeding Tube

  • Longer tubes may limit mobility
  • More difficult to conceal; often secured with unappealing medical tape
  • Outline may be visible through clothing
  • May disrupt daily activities
  • May pose increased risk of accidental tube removal

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