CORGRIP NG/NI Tube Retention System & Convenience Kits

Preventing Inadvertent Feeding Tube Removal


CORGRIP* NG/NI Tube Retention System

Safe, Well-Tolerated, Effective

Inadvertent dislodgement of feeding tubes has been reported with a prevalence of up to 63%. Feeding tube securement techniques have been used in clinical practice for than two decades and the use of feeding tube retention systems can:

  • Result in a decrease in unnecessary X-rays for replacement procedures
  • Prevent discomfort and potential trauma from repeated procedures

Halyard’s CORGRIP* Nasogastric/Nasointestinal Tube Retention System can:

  • Lower the risk of patients undergoing replacement procedures
  • Reduce facility costs as a result of improved patient outcomes related to continuous enteral therapy and fewer procedures