CORTRAK* 2 Enteral Access System (EAS)

Efficient Feeding for Better Outcomes

As you nourish your patients and support their recovery, don’t let your efforts be undermined by feeding delays and malnutrition.


Malnutrition in the ICU

No matter the injury or illness, many critically-ill patients require early and efficient feeding1

The ONLY device that is FDA-cleared to confirm bedside tube placements without x-ray, CORTRAK* 2 offers timely feeding for your patients.

  • An electromagnetic stylet provides real-time location information on the tube tip placement within a patient’s anatomy.
  • On-screen visualization provides immediate feedback on tube placement, which can reduce or eliminate the need for x-ray confirmation.

With CORTRAK* 2, you can:

  • Immediately identify misplaced tubes
  • Minimize complications such as lung placements
  • Offer improved patient care 

CORTRAK* 2 allows you to control the placement of feeding tubes and facilitate your patients’ successful recovery and optimal outcomes.