MIC*, MIC-KEY* GJ Feeding Tubes

All-In-One Feeding


All-In-One GJ Feeding

  • Tungsten weighting
  • Simultaneous jejunal feeding and gastric decompression
  • Soft silicone tube & retention balloon
  • Positioning depth markers
  • Multiple oppositional exit ports
  • Tapered distal tip

Eliminates the need for a 2nd procedure1!


MIC-KEY* GJ Feeding Tubes

Simultaneous Gastric Decompression & Jejunal Feeding 

MIC* GJ Feeding Tubes

Standard Tubes

Larger jejunal feeding lumen2.



1- Based on using MIC*, Mic-Key* TJ for initial placement versus traditional method of PEG initial placement and J tube addition in second procedure.
2- Based on 20 Fr Bard® Ponsky® PEG (ID = 12.192 Fr) & 9 Fr Jejunal Feeding/Gastric Decompressions Tube combination (ID = approx. 3 Fr). Bard and Ponsky are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of C. R. Bard, Inc. or an affiliate.