Homepump C-Series*

Ambulatory Infusion System

The portable pump for continuous infusion with delivery times from 1-11 days for chemotherapy and other protocols.

A Simple Solution for Your Patients to Continue Chemotherapy Infusion at Home

Equipment used to begin administration of a drug that the patient completes at home is not separately billable as durable medical equipment.1

Homepump C-Series* combines high quality standards with the volumes and flow rates you need for successful drug delivery. The pump’s proven ease of use allows patients to receive therapy in the comfort of their own home.

Performance you can trust.

  • Comprehensive drug compatibility and stability data.
  • Patented, elastomeric membrane delivers performance and dependability.
  • Pre-set flow rate – no complex programming or drop counting simplifies life for clinicians as well as patients.
  • Overfill/partial fill capacity allows dosing flexibility.

Compact features. Huge benefits.

  • Discreet, portable and patient-friendly.
  • Allows patient mobility for patients to maintain lifestyle at home.
  • Non-electronic: no complex programming, maintenance, power cords, batteries, noisy alarms or IV poles. – Disposable design lets patients discard unit after use.
  • Cost-efficient without sacrificing choice of volumes and flow rates.
  • Small size requires less space to store both in pharmacy and in the patient’s home.

Homepump* Education & In-Service Videos

Homepump* Patient Education Video

Homepump* Patient Education Video

Homepump* In-Service Video

Homepump* In-Service Video