Chronic Pain Solutions

Diagnosing and effectively managing chronic spinal pain is recognized as one of medicine's great challenges. As a market leader in interventional pain, Halyard offers the most advanced minimally-invasive treatments for safe and effective pain management. From revolutionary cooled-radiofrequency technology to needles, kits and procedural trays, trust Halyard for clinical solutions that can help you give your patients improved quality of life.


Cooled RF Products

A revolution in radiofrequency, Cooled RF technology creates large volume, spherical nerve and disc lesions to treat chronic pain, giving physicians the power of targeted treatment, and patients the quality of life they deserve.

RF Products

Radiofrequency generators, probes and cannulae - a complete range of minimally invasive RF solutions

Needles, Trays and Kits

Consistently high quality and manufactured to exacting standards

Chronic Spinal Pain Management Physician Locator

Find physicians who have received Halyard sponsored training in radiofrequency techniques using our products for managing chronic spinal pain.

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728X90 Floater Coolief OA