Needles, Trays and Kits

Manufactured to the Exacting Standards Required for Consistent Performance

Needles, Kits & Trays

For clinicians who demand consistently high quality, Halyard Health Procedural Needles, Procedural Trays, and Kits feature a wide range of quality components assembled in a convenient sterile package. Our full line of pain management products includes epidural, spinal and specialty needles; catheter sets and mini-kits used in continuous infusion procedures; and accessories for interventional pain procedures.

Epidural Needles

  • Tuohy
  • Hustead
  • Crawford

Spinal Needles

  • Quincke
  • Whitacre
  • Sprotte
  • Short Bevel
  • Chiba

Specialty Needles and Sets

  • Double needle sets
  • Needle guide introducers

Catheter Sets and Mini-Kits

  • Nerve block catheter sets
  • Epidural catheter sets
  • Continuous block mini-kits
  • Continuous epidural mini-kits

Procedural Trays

  • Single-shot
  • Continuous
  • Combined
  • Universal
  • Myelogram