HALYARD* Oral Care Solutions

Proven to enhance oral care compliance

Oral Care

CDC Guidelines call for consistent oral care routine to prevent healthcare-associated pneumonia.1 But performing regular oral care can be a challenge within the intense environment of the ICU.

Until now...

Now with CHG Oral Rinse, 0.12%††, HALYARD* Oral Care Solutions provide a complete portfolio of flexible, easy-to-use kits and components designed to promote oral care compliance. And with our Partners in Prevention Oral Care Compliance Program, we can provide evidence-based "Best Practices", easy-to-use assessment and tracking tools, education and training support – all to help you deliver consistent oral care.


Q2 and Q4 Oral Care Kits

A Portfolio of Products to Meet Every Protocol.

1 Kollef MH. What is ventilator-associated pneumonia and why is it important? Respiratory Care 2005 June; 50(6); 714-724