Surgical Solutions

Depend on Halyard expertise to help prevent Infection in the OR

Halyard Health is recognized around the world as a leading innovator in quality products that help reduce the toll infections take on patients, clinicians and your facility's bottom line. From sterilization packaging, gowns, drapes and masks, to our advanced solutions designed to reduce the risk of surgical site infections and hypothermia and treat post-operative pain, we bring you a broad portfolio of essentials you can trust to meet your changing needs.


Custom Procedure Trays

HALYARD* Custom Procedure Trays assure you a reliable supply of the trays you need now

Surgical Gowns

Our expanded range of gowns brings you more choice than ever.

Surgical Drapes & Packs

Our expanded range of drapes brings you more choice than ever.

Sterilization Solutions

Confidence. Pass it on.

Surgical Accessories

Everything the OR staff needs for head-to-toe protection

Facial Protection

Facial protection that lets you breathe easy in surgery