Are you ready to BLUE RENEW*?

Halyard Health has developed a step-by-step program to assist your facility in successfully recycling HALYARD* STERILIZATION WRAP. We call it BLUE RENEW*. Medical facilities across the United States are now recycling their used, clean HALYARD* WRAP, made from recyclable #5 polypropylene fabric. And there are recycling partners in your area who can help you do it, too.

The Evolution of BLUE RENEW*

With an understanding of the need to strike a balance between protecting the patient and protecting the environment, Halyard Health developed the BLUE RENEW* Sterilization Wrap Recycling Program. Designed to help keep Halyard sterilization wrap out of the landfill, the BLUE RENEW* Program was launched in 2010 to assist healthcare facilities in successfully recycling used, clean HALYARD* Sterilization Wrap from their operating rooms.

Year one saw a group of 20 hospitals in Southern California shape and educate U.S. based recyclers on the capabilities and passion that Sterile Processing and Operating Room professionals have for recycling. The program has been growing ever since! Thanks to BLUE RENEW*, nearly 300 healthcare facilities in North America are diverting over 4 million pounds of wrap from landfills each year, for a savings of $280K. [read more]

Responsibility. Pass It On.


Answer YES to these questions and you’re ready to BLUE RENEW*!

  1. Do you have the support of a "Green Team" representative from the OR? This person is an important driver of the BLUE RENEW* program who may be able to help identify leaders on each shift that are supportive as well. Maybe that's you!

  2. Do you have the backing of your Corporate Sustainability group or facility management team? Leadership support is a critical component to the implementation and long-term success of the BLUE RENEW* program.

  3. Have you discussed your desire to recycle HALYARD* sterilization wrap with your Environmental Services team? Environmental Services is your partner on the BLUE RENEW* program and they will help establish a process for meeting your sustainability goals.

By recycling, you reduce the overall impact of resources on the environment. We believe that every step can make a difference. Contact your Halyard sales representative  to find out more about how your facility can make a difference. To find the representative for your facility, click here

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