Instrument Care

The Only Instrument Cleaning Solutions You Need for One Less Worry About Cross-Contamination

Instrument Care

Proper cleaning of medical devices is the critical step in decontamination, prior to disinfection or sterilization. Treatment with Halyard Health Pre-Cleaning Detergent Spray, followed by cleansing with our Multi-Enzyme Detergent, helps assure that your devices are thoroughly clean before being disinfected or sterilized. The result is better reprocessing outcomes and reduced risk of cross-contamination from instruments.


Pre-Cleaning Detergent Spray Begins the Process

After procedures are finished, just a quick spray of devices thoroughly coats external instrument surfaces and helps maintain a moist environment during transport. Compared to immersing instruments in a bath of detergent, this method poses less risk of spills on floors, surfaces and healthcare workers.


Multi-Enzyme Detergent Rapidly Removes Contaminants

When the pre-treated devices arrive at the cleaning area, Multi-Enzyme Detergent penetrates and removes contaminants, including protein, fat and carbohydrate-based soils, and lubricating agents. The synergistic formulation of enzymes plus detergent works quickly, at a range of water temperatures. It's designed to integrate easily into your current device cleaning practices, and it's low-foaming, for both manual and small washer use.