AERO CHROME* Breathable Performance Surgical Gowns

AAMI Level 4 Protection That’s Cool & Comfortable


AERO CHROME* Gowns Stand Out From The Rest

• Highest AAMI 4 Level protection1

• Light, cool, breathable comfort

• Distinctive silvery color that makes choosing the highest protection easy

Get Totally Comfortable With High Level Protection

AERO CHROME* Breathable Performance Surgical Gowns combine unprecedented comfort, softness and breathability with maximum protection against fluids and pathogens.1

The result is a surgical gown that’s like nothing else in the OR today.

  • Meets AAMI Level 4 standard, providing the highest level of both fluid and microbial protection in the critical zones2
  • Proprietary fabric technology allows moisture vapor to escape while maintaining a high performance barrier3
  • Designed to keep your OR staff both cool and protected during long, fluid-intensive procedures4
  • Highest rating for resistance to ignition from surgical lasers5
  • Excellent abrasion and lint resistance6

  1. Meets ASTM F1671 in the critical zones (ties, fabric, sleeve seams), per AAMI PB70:2012 Level 4
  2. Meets AAMI Level 4, AAMI PB70:2012, EN13795 High Performance
  3. ASTM F1671, MOCON and cup crush testing
  4. ISO 22610 (wet),ISO 22612 (dry), ASTM F1671 and ASTM F1670, Hydrohead-20811
  5. Per ISO 11810
  6. Per EN Resistance to Linting and Particulates test data. Abrasion resistant per Martindale test method