Surgical & Infection Prevention Transition to O&M Halyard, Inc.

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As previously communicated, Halyard Health, Inc. sold its surgical & infection prevention business (surgical gowns, drapes, sterilization solutions, gloves, facemasks and protective apparel) to Owens & Minor. These products will continue to be marketed and sold under the HALYARD* brand and invoiced under the entity, O&M Halyard, Inc.  Subsequently, Halyard’s medical device business (respiratory health, digestive health, acute and chronic pain) has been renamed Avanos Medical, Inc.

Currently, Avanos Medical and O&M Halyard operate on shared systems. We are now entering the second of several phases – which will continue into 2019 – as we transition into two distinct businesses and begin the process of separating our IT systems.

We are committed to a smooth transition and avoiding any ordering, shipping or payment delays. Please take the following steps effective Sept. 17, 2018:

  • Update your current Halyard Health Vendor Master record*:
    • Change the name to Avanos Medical (see new W9)
    • Complete a new Tax Exemption form for all ship-to states for seller “Avanos Medical, Inc.” and email to: AR@avanos.com.
    • See list of Avanos Medical Product Codes that will remain under this vendor.
    • See list of O&M Halyard Product Codes that need to be ended under this vendor master record, effective Sept. 16, 2018 and reassigned to the new O&M Halyard vendor.
      • As a result of ending these codes, please also ensure the applicable price agreements associated with these codes are ended on this vendor effective Sept. 16,2018 and reassigned to the new O&M Halyard vendor. 

*NOTE: In the case of a vendor name change, if your company’s protocol is to cancel the existing vendor and set up a new vendor, versus changing name and contact information, please cancel the Halyard vendor effective Sept. 16, 2018.

  • Create a new Vendor Master record** for O&M Halyard:
    • See O&M Halyard W9 for relevant information.
    • See O&M Halyard Contact Information
    • See list of O&M Halyard Product Codes to assign to the new O&M Halyard Vendor.
      • As a result of adding these codes to this newly created vendor, please copy the associated price agreements with an effective date of Sept. 17,2018.  Note the price agreement numbers and pricing will not be changing.

**NOTE: You may already have a Vendor Master record for Owens & Minor distribution, however, you will need to set up an additional O&M Halyard vendor as well.

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 above:

  • Begin submitting separate purchase orders, chargebacks and payment remittances via separate vendor numbers, using the appropriate contact/method on the Transition Summary sheet.

Other Information to Achieve a Seamless Transition

EDI Direct Connections

Continue to submit your EDI 850 purchase orders and EDI 867 chargebacks via your current AS2 connection for both vendors. If you have questions or concerns regarding your EDI transactions please contact please contact the applicable EDI Team.

Avanos Medical

O&M Halyard



GHX and Vizient EDI Connections

You will receive a separate communication at a later date regarding any specific activities that will be required.

Shipping and Invoice Documents for Medical Devices are Changing

Effective Sept.17, 2018 all shipping documents for medical devices, currently reading Halyard Health will now reflect Avanos Medical. Please note, all S&IP shipping and invoice documents were changed to reflect O&M Halyard, Inc. on May 1, 2018.

Payment Remit-to Address

Please begin processing separate vendor payments using your current payment method (no change to current remit-to address). If you have questions concerning payment processes, please contact the applicable Accounts Receivable department:

Avanos Medical

O&M Halyard



Customer Portal

The Customer Portal will be shared by both O&M Halyard and Avanos Medical. You will continue to access both medical devices and surgical and infection prevention supplies using your current login and password. 

  • Distributor Price Agreement Notifications
    • Daily portal notifications will continue to be received containing both Avanos and O&M Halyard price agreements with the applicable vendor indicated.
  • Distributor List Price
    • There are no changes to Avanos Medical or O&M Halyard list pricing until further notice

End-Users Price Agreement Notifications

  • There will be no change to the notification method or current pricing.

Chargebacks and Sales Tracings

  • Submit separate chargeback and sales tracing files, one for Avanos Medical and one for O&M Halyard based on the vendor changes outlined above.
  • Submit separate deduction debit memo numbers and payback of outstanding disputes via the appropriate vendor.
  • Submit questions concerning chargebacks or sales tracings to the applicable Chargebacks and Sales Tracings team: 

Avanos Medical

O&M Halyard



Please fill out the form below to provide contact information for anyone in your organization who should receive communications about the transition.

If you have any questions, please email or call us, using the applicable contact information:

Avanos Medical

O&M Halyard



1-844-4Avanos (1-844-428-2667)

1-844-Halyard (1-844-425-9273)