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Owens & Minor Global Products no longer manufactures, markets or sells the following Medical Devices under the HALYARD* brand name.

  • Enteral Feeding, Gastrostomy, Jejunostomy products including MIC, MIC-KEY Feeding Tubes, Pegs, EnFit
  • H.Pylori Diagnostics Testing
  • Corflo Nasogastric Tubes, Cortrak
  • MicroCuff Trach Tubes, Endotracheal, HME components, VAP Solutions
  • Ballard Closed Suction Systems
  • ON-Q Pain Pumps, HomePump Infusion Systems, EZ-STIM, MiniStim
  • Coolief Pain Solutions, Chronic Pain Solutions
  • Epidural Needles, Spinal Needles, Catheter Sets, Trays

These items are manufactured/sold by Avanos Medical as a result the divesture of the Halyard medical supplies business to Owens & Minor in April, 2018