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Taking the Right Steps to Prevent Infection

To help control infections, hospitals are implementing rigid protocols for daily procedures like catheter insertions, suturing, and changing dressings. Best practices call for kits and prepackaged trays of instruments as a key strategy to reduce incidence of infection.

Our comprehensive line of kits and trays for common procedures to ensure every clinician starts with a complete set of sterilized, high-quality materials. This helps them efficiently follow prescribed protocols and reduce the possibility of patient infection — all while saving time and money.

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Laceration Trays

Our selection of Laceration Trays contains all the high quality components that you need to safely and effectively perform the procedure.  Choose from our variety of standard tray configurations or let us design a custom tray just for you.

Common configurations include:

  • Drapes, Towels, Wraps
  • Instruments including Needle Holders, Scissors, Hemostat & Forcep
  • Gauze, Needles, Syringes and Medicine Cups
Medical Action Suture Removal Kit

Suture Removal Kits

Multiple Instrument Options

We offer a wide selection of high quality, cost effective suture removal trays.  Our selection allows you to choose from our stainless steel, wire form, and plastic grade
instruments to select the right solution for your facility.

Common components include:

  • Scissors
  • Forceps
  • Alcohol Prep Pad
  • PVP Iodophor Prep Pad
  • Gauze

Other Kits & Trays

Stainless steel nasal speculum, 5.5″ bayonette forceps, 4 3/4″ Iris scissors, 5″ Frazier suction tube, (2) 60mL medicine cups, 24×24 wrap, (10) 4×4 gauze, (3) 1″ white medium rayon balls.  Rigid two compartment tray.


White cotton towel with 1.5″ fenestration, #10 safety scalpel, 4.75″ Adson forceps, 5.5″ delicate probe with eye, 4.5″ O.R. S/B scissors, 5″ curved Mosquito hemostat, (3) 5″ straight Mosquito forceps, 1 oz. bottle PVP iodine solution, (8) 1″ white medium rayon balls, blotting towel, 3-compartment tray and (10) 4×4 gauze.  In 25×25 wrap.  Instruments are no-glare satin-finish stainless steel.


#11 scalpel, 13×18 drape with 3″ fenestration, 5.5″ wire-formed Kelly hemostat, 5″ wire-formed tissue forceps, PVP iodine and alcohol prep pads, 13″x18″ poly towel, (4) 3×3 gauze and 7.5″x13″ refuse bag.  In rigid tray.  Available with 4.5″ S/B scissors.


4″ staple remover and 3×3 gauze


5″ Halstead Mosquito hemostat,, 4.75″ Iris scissors, walleted powder-free gloves, 3/4x1yd. Acti-gauze stretch bandage, 100mL saline, (8) 4×4 gauze, 1″x24″ Transpore tape.  In rigid tray.  Instruments are stainless steel.


#15 scalpel, 4.75″ Iris scissors and 5″ tissue forceps, pair powder-free gloves, alcohol prep pads, PVP pre pads, 3×3 gauze.


Additional trays available.  Contact your Sales Rep for more details.

Medical Action Nosebleed kit


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