At Owens & Minor, we are constantly involved in learning and expanding our collective base of knowledge. When we share that knowledge and expertise with our customers, we all learn and grow.
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
– Ben Franklin
Knowledge Network Clinical Education

Continuing Education

The HALYARD KNOWLEDGE NETWORK* is a dynamic collection of educational programs designed to provide the insights and information on relevant healthcare issues healthcare professionals need to improve staff competency, safety, infection prevention and patient outcomes. There is no charge to take any KNOWLEDGE NETWORK* course.

Most programs are accredited to provide Continuing Education credit for Nurses, Surgical Technologists, or Central Service/Sterile Processing Department professionals.  KNOWLEDGE NETWORK* programs are available in several formats, including: Online, Sales Rep Facilitated, Faculty Facilitated

391,137 Accredited
Programs Delivered

51 Course Curriculum
22,819+ Knowledge Network Courses Delivered in 2022.

About Owens & Minor Halyard

Value-Added Learning

This value-added service provides knowledge to improve:
– Patient outcomes
– Staff competency
– Staff protection
– Hospital/facility risk reduction

Online courses

Halyard Online Education

Online courses and Independent Study Guides, accessed at your convenience.  Courses are accessible at your convenience through Pfiedler Enterprises.

Onsite Programs

Halyard Onsite Training

In-facility programs facilitated by your HALYARD representative.

Live Presentations

Owens & Minor Halyard Live Presentations

Live presentations by HALYARD faculty, for your facility meetings and conferences.

Due to availability of Speakers and Sales Representatives, unfortunately not all on-site or live requests can be fulfilled. To request and check feasibility of on-site or live course facilitation, please complete the Rep/Speaker-Facilitated Course Request Form.  We will make every effort to provide the education you request.

Deep Expertise

Excellence In Sterile Processing Courses

Our Excellence in Sterile Processing (ESP) curriculum offers more than 25 courses that address Central Sterile Processing requirements.  Other wrap companies can’t come close.

Featured Content

Guides to the Guidelines

Stay up-to-date on important industry guidelines.

Guide to Mask Guidelines
Guide to Gown Guidelines
Chemo Compounding PPE Guidelines Poster
Chemo Administering PPE Guidelines Poster
Guide To Isolation Gowns Guidelines

KNOWLEDGE NETWORK* - Continuing Education Programs

Following is a complete listing of currently-available KNOWLEDGE NETWORK* programs. Contact your Owens & Minor Global Products representative for more information about any of these courses.

Course Title Topic CE Credit Delivery Method Description
Stress in the SPD: Why Does it Happen and How Can We Manage It Sterilization 0.5 credits

In this webinar accredited by IAHCSMM, Dr. Laurent Dreyfuss, Director, Global Medical & Clinical…

A Pathway Forward from COVID-19: Strategies for Sustainable Readiness COVID 19 Healthcare professionals can earn 1.5 contact hours for the completion of this program Webinar

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created multiple challenges for healthcare personnel, it has…

Understanding the Standards: USP <800> and PPE for Chemotherapy Chemotherapy Nurses: 2.0 CH CA Board

Request Education

For patients diagnosed with cancer, the potential benefits of treatment with chemotherapeutic agents usually…

Transforming Your SPD for the Betterment of Your Patients, Profits and People Sterilization CS/SPD: 1 CH IAHCSMM

Request Education

This presentation will provide a step-by-step roadmap designed to teach attendees how to turn…

The Importance of Maintaining Sterile Instruments Sterilization CS/SPD: 1 CH CS/SPD: 1 CH IAHCSMM

Request Education

Sterilization Packaging Systems are critical components of quality healthcare as they must maintain the…

Surgical Gowns: Selection and Best Practices for Protection Surgical Gowns Nurses: 1.0 CH CA Board

Online Course

Provides an overview of the key considerations in the selection and use of surgical…

Sterile Lint & Particles: Do they Put Patients at Risk? HAI CS/SPD: 1 CH IAHCSMM

Request Education

This education activity will discuss foreign debris-initiated post-surgical complications and their associated pathological mechanisms.…

Sterile Lint & Fibers in the OR: What’s the Big Deal? HAI Nurses: 1.0 CH CA Board

Online Course

Discusses foreign debris-initiated post-surgical complications and their associated pathological mechanisms. Reviews sources of debris…

Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Surgical Patients HAI Nurses: 1.0 CH CA Board

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The impact of surgical pressure ulcers, contributing factors for their development and prevention strategies…

Preventing Pressure Injuries in Surgical Patients Patient Safety Nurses: 1.0 CH CA Board

Online Course

While great strides have been made in protecting the patient, peri-operatively acquired pressure injuries…

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