Central Sterile Processing

The financial and patient safety implications of inefficiencies in the Sterile Processing Department can severely impact your hospital's costs.

Find out how HALYARD* can provide a holistic approach from Sterile Processing to the Operating Room to help improve patient safety, improve efficiency, build a stronger team and reduce department costs.

Reduce costs from SSIs and procedure delays related to Central Sterile issues

Improving equipment and protocol in the Central Sterile Processing Department and Operating Room can greatly reduce costs from related SSIs and procedure delays.

HALYARD* provides an array of strategic support services and resources expressly designed to assist the Central Sterile Processing Department in achieving its goals and maintaining its edge in this ever-changing healthcare environment.

Our products and resources make it easy for you to...

  • Stay up to date on the most relevant clinical studies
  • Optimize Central Sterile Processing efficiency
  • Empower your Sterile Processing Technicians through education
  • Achieve financial objectives

…All with the goal of improving patient care and outcomes.

Make a change for the better!

We provide clinical support so that you can deliver an intact sterile package

To deliver an intact sterile package, you need the SMART-FOLD* STERISYSTEM® along with the most relevant clinical studies, guidelines and infection prevention techniques.

Learn the surprising results of a study; the second in a decade to have similar findings, that found wrap was more effective than rigid containers at maintaining sterility.

Supporting Information for the ARA Sterility Maintenance Study

Additional Study

ARA Sterility Maintenance Study

ARA Sterility Maintenance Study

In this study using a dynamic bacterial aerosol challenge, sterilized wrapped trays demonstrated significantly greater protection than sterilized rigid containers against the ingress of airborne bacteria.
Containers Cost More Than You Think

Containers Cost More Than You Think

Learn more about the hidden costs of rigid containers and how to mitigate some of their costs

Uncover hidden costs of rigid containers

There are both apparent and hidden costs associated with delivering an intact sterilized package. To achieve your financial goals, HALYARD* helps you evaluate total costs from sterilization through delivery in the OR and back to decontamination.

A HALYARD* Sales Rep can assist you in a financial analysis of your Central Sterile Processing Department to gather information in the following key areas:

  • Inaccurate cross references
  • Unaccounted for costs (overhead/utilities, OR downtime)
  • Incremental costs/true costs (acquisition, accessories)
  • Competitive analytics


Rigid Container Leak Test Demo

There should be a complete seal between the lid and the bottom of each of your rigid containers. Learn how to test for barrier breaches.

Rigid Container Dollar Bill Leak Test Demo

To maintain sterility, rigid containers should provide a complete and proper seal. To check your container seals, all you need is a crisp dollar bill!

Sterilization Packaging
Risk Assessment Tool

Sterilization Packaging
Risk Assessment Tool

How much are you willing to risk? The purpose of this assessment is intended to give the user a report of current practices in an effort to provide actionable information to better or confirm those practices. Commentary is based on industry best practices.

150 to 450
Minutes Per Day

Non-Value Added Work On Containers Impacts Productivity

Empower your Central Sterile Processing Technicians

Watch this comprehensive 2018 IAHCSMM presentation by Phillip Van Gorp, Founder and President of Gorp Medical Consulting and Surgical Solutions, that will detail how to:

  • Improve the clinical safety of your Central Sterile Processing Department
  • Significantly increase throughput and efficiencies, while simultaneously gaining valuable storage space
  • Increase profitability by creating cost and time savings and reducing reprocessing
  • Elevate your team’s role and foster collaboration across departments
Transforming Your SPD for the Betterment Of Your Patients, Profits and People

Transforming Your SPD for the Betterment Of Your Patients, Profits and People

Unburden Your Workflow

Unburden Your Workflow

All the evidence you need to adopt a superior full-cycle sterilization packaging, storage and transport system.

Advance Two of Your Most Valuable Assets: Time and Space

Utilize this resource to optimize your Central Sterile Processing Department flow, organize your storage areas, make your product inventory easily accessible, increase inventory accuracy and reduce processing times.

See how the SMART-FOLD* STERISYSTEM® can help improve both, and more.

Sterilization Packaging, Storage and Transport Solution

Utilizing more durable and easy-to-use SMART-FOLD* High Performance Sterilization Wrap, along with the total STERISYSTEM® storage and transport system, see how sterile processing technicians can more efficiently support patient safety.


In a recent user study, CS and OR clinicians found
SMART-FOLD* High Performance Sterilization Wrap to be much better when compared to traditional wrap.1




82% of the CS clinicians find SMART-FOLD* more ergonomic with less physical stress during wrapping.1

88% of clinicians find the design of SMART-FOLD* better for aseptic opening.

78% of clinicians are more confident that sterility has been maintained with SMART-FOLD*.1

SMART-FOLD* High Performance Sterilization Wrap

Features POWERGUARD* Technology, for the highest level of bacterial filtration effectiveness—99.9%.

SMART-FOLD* Sterilization Wrap meets the most rigorous industry standards for safety and performance, including resistance to fire, lint, abrasion, and microbial contamination.

Wrap Description

  • Reference lines for accurate tray placement
  • Handy positioning strips hold material in place for easier wrapping
  • Pull tabs for easy aseptic opening

  • Meets the ISO 11607 microbial barrier challenge, to protect instruments during storage, transport and handling
  • Fire resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Impact-resistant fabric resists tears and cuts in handling

  • Contrasting inner sheet makes inspection up to 86% faster
  • Compatible with most common sterilization modalities: Pre-vacuum steam, Ethylene oxide
  • 61% more weight in critical zones

SMART-FOLD* High Performance Sterilization Wrap

SMART-FOLD* High Performance Sterilization Wrap

Impact-resistant fabric and triple-layer reinforcement zones are engineered to protect your heaviest trays and loaner sets from tears and cuts in handling.

Additional products



Halyard has partnered with Belintra to bring you the SMART-FOLD* STERISYSTEM® - the first two-touch solution of its kind.
HALYARD* QUICK CHECK* Sterilization Wrap

HALYARD* QUICK CHECK* Sterilization Wrap

HALYARD* QUICK CHECK* Sterilization Wrap is the fast, easy way to ensure instrument sterility is uncompromised
HALYARD* Sequential Sterilization Wrap

HALYARD* Sequential Sterilization Wrap

The world’s leading sterilization wrap, now available in sheet sizes and compact packages, designed for individual medical and dental practices

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