Our Total Value

Knowledge & Expertise

At Owens & Minor, we are constantly involved in learning and expanding our collective base of knowledge. When we share that knowledge and
expertise with our customers, we all learn and grow.
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.”
– Ben Franklin

Learning matters when it comes to preventing infections.


HAIs occurred in US Hospitals in 20171


Reduction in HAIs possible when care teams are aware of all the infection problems and take steps to fix them1

While the number of HAIs is declining, progress is slow, and we think there’s a better way

Halyard Total Value Holistic Approach

Owens & Minor is much more than a supplier

We are committed to empowering you and your staff to reduce and prevent infections across the continuum of care.

HALYARD* – funded research revealed that an amazing 87% of sterilized instrument containers do not maintain sterility to the point of use, putting surgical patients at risk of infection from contaminated instruments. (Instruments wrapped in HALYARD* sterilization wrap remained 100% sterile in this study.)


Our research has  also focused on the risks of lint contamination in surgery.  Changing from woven linen and spunbond fabrics to polypropylene drapes and gowns is a proven way to reduce this risk.


By attacking SSIs from multiple angles, we can help arm you with the information and expertise you need to reduce infections in your facility.


160,000 SSIs Per Year

How we apply our knowledge and expertise to reduce infections:

Our knowledge and training helps your team build confidence


The KNOWLEDGE NETWORK* empowers you and  your staff with the critical information you need to prevent infections all across your health system


Accredited Programs Delivered


Course Curriculum


Knowledge Network Attendees in 2017

The KNOWLEDGE NETWORK* has delivered over 270,000 accredited programs to date.

  • We offer over 85 separate programs, including our renowned Excellence in Sterile Processing (ESP) curriculum of over 33 courses.
  • In 2017 alone, over 34,000 attendees took advantage of KNOWLEDGE NETWORK* offerings to keep their credentials current.

We also provide clinicians with a wealth of valuable non-accredited education resources including white papers, webinars, and live presentations on critical topics.

And because staying current is a requirement for all health care professionals, HALYARD provides the literature and resources you need to help sort your way through evolving standards.

Our people set us apart.

At Owens & Minor we don't just create educational content and leave it at the door. Our team is here to partner with you and support you through education and hands-on training.

  • Our sales force is experienced, hospital trained, and credentialed
  • Our staff is tenured. 30% of our team has been with us for more than 15 years.
  • We provide in-service training and on-site support
  • Our staff proactively participates in conversations about evolving standards. Our R&D team participates in both AAMI and ASTM guideline panels, to keep up with the latest trends.