HALYARD* Custom Procedure Trays

We help hospitals give clinicians the products and performance they need while working within hospital budgets.


Challenges Facing Your O.R. Today:

  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Lack of visibility to costs and inventories
  • Sub-optimal utilization of O.R. supplies
  • Shift from inpatient to outpatient
  • Staff satisfaction and retention
  • Consumer visibility to managed care costs
  • Procedural supply waste
  • Need for improved throughput

What some CPT suppliers don’t want you to know

Surgical gowns and drapes are a large percentage of your O.R.’s budget, with a big portion being delivered via custom procedural trays (CPT’s). But do you have complete line-of- sight into the exact products in your CPTs and their cost?

The average hospital receives 40-50% of their disposable surgical products through CPTs, but not all CPT suppliers are created equally. Hospitals are often unable to get requested tray components due to the tray provider’s contract relationships with their component suppliers.

Hospitals have little to no control over unexpected substitutions
Lack of control makes it easy for CPT providers to increase their profits
Hospitals are often faced with incremental charges if they modify components in the tray
Prices may drop when CPTs are put out to bid, but then rise over the life of the contract


When you select HALYARD* CPTs, we are committed to a long-term, true partnership. We call it the HALYARD PACT PROGRAM*. Our innovative custom pack program is designed to empower our customers to achieve their clinical and financial goals long term.

Americas Based Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Our unique Americas-based kitting and supply chain for key components give  you peace of mind by ensuring reliable product supply
  • Global products footprint with 80% North American manufacturing in our own plants
  • Strategically located distribution centers in North America for rapid deployment
  • Quality products and performance metrics that meet and exceed industry standards
Customer-First Approach

With so many ups and downs, many hospitals feel like they are on a rollercoaster when dealing with CPT issues.


  • Unexpected product substitutions

  • Pricing changes

  • Lack of visibility

We provide complete line-of-sight so you can make informed decisions on what should be in your packs.

  • You always have visibility to components and necessary adjustments
  • You are notified and involved in any necessary substitutions before they happen
  • We conduct waste elimination reviews to ensure you’re only paying
    for what you need
  • Our expert CPT consultants help you control the quality and costs of your CPTs


Informed decision-making with the control you
need to achieve your clinical and financial goals

Goal Alignment

Our O.R. experts and organization are measured on how well we achieve your system’s goals – not on increasing our own profits.

Our team works closely with your purchasing and clinical staff to gain insights into your annual goals.

Specific goals are defined and weighted, e.g., SKU optimization, waste elimination, consistent product supply, cost savings, etc.

Our expert CPT consultants work with your staff to execute strategies that meet your goals.

Quarterly updates monitor progress via CPT score card.
Industry Benchmark Analytics

Access to procedural insights from our database plus global industry benchmark data to help you optimize your CPT program system wide

  • Component standardization by procedure
  • CPT count by hospital and procedure type
  • TruValue™ component savings opportunities and visibility
  • Industry insights across private and academic medical center settings
Clinical O.R. Assessment Team

Providing Insights Into O.R. Spend and Waste

We provide ongoing Custom Procedure Tray reviews to make sure they’re performing to your expectations while providing healthy savings. Your team of dedicated CPT specialists will examine your current program and make recommendations for:

  • Pack efficiency improvements & optimization
  • Waste reduction
  • Cost savings


Reviews also eliminate the time and cost of “sterile pulls.” Each year, these assessments reduce an average of 24,000 sterile pulls resulting from a wrong or missing pack item.

Each eliminated sterile pull saves you $62 per minute in lost O.R. time.1

1 Macario, Alex, What does one minute of operating room time cost? J Clin Anes. 2010; 22: 233-36. Available from: http://ether.stanford.edu/asc1/documents/management2.pdf

Best-in-Class Six Sigma Conversion Process

Our proprietary, six-sigma conversion process sets your O.R.s up for a successful conversion to HALYARD* CPTs. We partner with you every step of the way, engaging your perioperative team, refining product selections, building and launching product through conversion and optimization.

HALYARD* Custom Procedure Trays:
Focus On Quality

HALYARD* Custom Procedure Trays:
CAREfully Made

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