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Optimizing the Sterile Processing Department

Sterile Processing Departments face challenges like maintaining sterility and inefficiencies in labor, design and space. Created to solve these problems, the SMART-FOLD* STERISYSTEM® from HALYARD* and BELINTRA provides a comprehensive, economical solution to process and packaging challenges in your SPD.

Combining HALYARD* SMART-FOLD* Sterilization Wrap with the BELINTRA storage and transport system, creates a two-touch solution that not only ensures that sterility has been maintained from sterilization through to use in the OR, it confirms it!  The BELINTRA storage and transport system eliminates stacking, which reduces the chance for tears, cuts and holes. This enhances clinical confidence and reduces costs, time and labor associated with reprocessing. It also increases efficiencies, is more ergonomic and features aseptic opening.

Central Sterile Processing

The SMART-FOLD* STERISYSTEM® addresses four critical areas of focus in the Sterile Processing Department:

Belintra UbeFlex Shelf

Stationary Storage

Designed for quick assembly, functionality, durability and stability, the UBeFlex© modular stationary storage system can be used in both sterile storage and non-sterile environments. Its modular construction, in various column configurations, may be combined with open shelving so it can be utilized in multiple areas of your facility. And this ergonomic and hygienic storage solution can also be used as a “pass-through” rack.

High Density Storage

The dynamic UBeTrack Mobile Storage System is a high-density, space-saving mobile storage system with adjustable shelving. Efficient and user-friendly, this system is lightweight, making the mobile racks quick and easy to move. By placing the runner system at the top, trolleys can be passed through the adjustable aisles. The system can be used in both sterile storage and non-sterile environments.


With three carts to choose from, you can feel confident that sterility is maintained during transportation.
Belintra Open Stericart

Open Stericarts are washable and may safely be passed through a cart washer. Constructed of stainless steel, they are designed for indoor transport of both instrument sets and consumables between the SPD and OR.

Belintra Case Cart

Closed Stericarts are washable and are wide enough to transport slightly longer sets. The lower height model can serve as a sterile field in the operating room. The design is ergonomic and allows for enhanced space savings when transporting sterile instrument sets to the OR and contaminated sets back to the SPD.


Modular carts are designed to transport goods between various units, allowing logistics staff, pharmacists and nursing staff to easily transfer trays from the storage system to the carts and vice versa. These carts are not washable.


DRY BASE® Instrument Trays

When it comes to choosing an instrument tray, it is important to select one that is tough yet constructed so sterilant can easily penetrate and evacuate, properly sterilizing the tray’s contents. The BELINTRA DRY BASE® Instrument Tray provides dent and warp resistant lids to help ensure trays remain closed during the sterilization process. They are also designed with highly polished AISI 304 L grade stainless steel and built in corner protectors help to prevent breaches in sterilization wrap.

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Increasing Efficiencies and Improving Outcomes with the HALYARD* and BELINTRA STERISYSTEM®

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