Eight tales of transformation: Sterile Processing Innovation

Healthcare Purchasing News’ article Eight tales of transformation: Sterile Processing Innovation featured the Banner-University Medical Center (UMC) Tucson Sterile Processing Department and their experience in addressing space constraint challenges with the HALYARD* and BELINTRA STERISYSTEM®. Below are excerpts from the article.

Instrument storage system helps UMC Tucson better meet surgery demands

Before implementing the HALYARD* and BELINTRA STERISYSTEM®, Banner-University Medical Center (UMC) Tucson SPD department was struggling to effectively address the system’s influx of surgeries while simultaneously welcoming two new orthopedic surgeons who required at least 150 more tray spaces in the SPD.

“We knew we had to keep cases and scheduled procedures on track, so after hearing about HALYARD and the BELINTRA STERISYSTEM storage system, we turned to them as a new, efficient solution to the challenge at hand,” said Lester Hubbard, Senior Manager of Sterile Processing at UMC Tucson.

To ensure a seamless installation process, team members from O&M Halyard and BELINTRA started with a free, onsite assessment of UMC Tucson’s SPD – measuring the current space, understanding equipment in use and procedures, and identifying specific opportunities to maximize the space and improve workflow.

“From there, we made sure UMC Tucson had the knowledge and information needed to get the full game-changing value of the HALYARD and BELINTRA STERISYSTEM,” said Cory Ezell, North America Sales Director for BELINTRA, partnering with O&M Halyard. “All implementation work was performed by our own employees who coordinated the installation to prevent disruption to the OR and worked directly with UMC Tucson staff to ensure they felt confident in how to best use the system and maintain the new efficiencies it started to provide.”

The HALYARD and BELINTRA STERISYSTEM provided an immediate impact to UMC Tucson’s sterile processing department, according to Ezell. The facility went from processing 700 trays a week to close to 1,000 after the installation. With the STERISYSTEM, there is now additional room for 400 more trays, allowing for an increase in procedures, better ability to meet surgery demands, and improved outcomes.

“With increased tray storage and decluttered space, it is now extremely easy for them to walk down an aisle and find what they need,” Ezell commented. “Before, you would see stacking and other clutter that introduced safety hazards, especially in times of staffing challenges. We know their staff has been pleased with the results and that our work has exceeded the employees’ expectations.”

“Not only did the implementation of the HALYARD and BELINTRA STERISYSTEM improve efficiencies and storage capabilities, but it also allowed us to address other problems like staffing burnout and morale,” said Hubbard. “At our facility, we have a 6,000 sq. ft. sterile processing department with 54 employees. After installation, members of the OR teams came down to the SPD to see the new layout. It was very rewarding to hear shared excitement about the new space. Though some outside of sterile processing may not realize it in the day-to-day, everything we do is aimed at improving the patient experience and providing high quality care.”

“After the SERISYSTEM installation, our employees became more excited to come to work with the storage system increasing efficiency and organization – helping them succeed and provide a high-quality patient experience,” Hubbard added. “Their feedback led to exploring and identifying innovative ways to tackle the ongoing dilemma of addressing efficiency and safety in a new way.”

Published in Healthcare Purchasing News
August 24, 2022
Full Article: https://www.hpnonline.com/sterile-processing/article/21276177/eight-tales-of-transformation

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