Dental Protection

Infection control for dental professionals and patients

Dental professionals must be more diligent than ever to stop virus spread. Be prepared with dental PPE, protocols and supporting guides from Halyard.

Health and safety guidelines for dental practices are evolving as viruses become a higher concern

The healthcare environment contains many potential respiratory hazards in the form of infectious agents from patients who release droplet nuclei into the air via coughing or other respiratory functions. In addition, there is danger of infection from surgical procedures where these agents may be aerosolized.


HALYARD* can help protect your dental practice, so that your staff and patients stay safe.


Microbes per cubic foot can be transmitted by ultrasonic instrumentation

with aerosolization of up to six feet

and, if improper air current is present, microbes can last anywhere from 35 minutes to 17 hours.1

What you can do to protect your dental staff and patients

Protect everyone’s eyes - including your patients’.

Protect everyone’s eyes - including your patients’.

See our full line of face shields and protective Eyewear.
Follow proper practices and recommended protocols for packaging and sterilization of dental instruments.

Follow proper practices and recommended protocols for packaging and sterilization of dental instruments.

Download this helpful guide that outlines different packaging options for sterilization.
Ensure everyone has masks rated for 99.7% BFE.

Ensure everyone has masks rated for 99.7% BFE.

Download this fact sheet to learn more.
Select the right dental gloves for the job.

Select the right dental gloves for the job.

Download helpful information that highlights critical considerations when selecting medical gloves for dental professionals.

Eyewear: Maximize safety during dental procedures

For dental staff: One research study found that the compliance rate for routine use of protective Eyewear was 60.3% (35/58) for dentists and 34.1% (15/44) for hygienists.2 This study revealed that there is a high incidence of dental professionals practicing without the use of safety glasses. In high aerosol transmission environments, protective Eyewear is a must.

For patients: Additionally, 12 percent of iatrogenic injuries experienced at the dentist affected the eye.3 Protective Eyewear can give your patients–and your bottom line–some peace of mind.

6 Tips to Maximize Patient Eye Safety at the Dentist

At HALYARD*, we know staff and patient safety affect every facet of your business.

We offer a full range of dental PPE that meets or exceeds industry standard regulations for strength, fluid resistance and particulate filtering, as well as guides and supportive protocols to help keep you and your practice healthy.

FLUIDSHIELD* Surgical N95 Respirator Mask

HALYARD* FLUIDSHIELD masks have long been considered the industry standard. Our FLUIDSHIELD* Level 3 face masks now meet the ASTM Level 3 (high) fluid protection standard. Designed to provide high fluid resistance, masks are available as either surgical masks with ties or procedure masks with earloops, both with wraparound visor for added protection.

Product Details

  • NIOSH-approved
  • 4-layer construction
  • Soft inner lining
  • 100% natural rubber latex-free
  • Available with safety seal Designed to provide effective facial fit

  • ASTM Level of Protection: 3
  • RHP Fluid Protection: High
  • Splash Resistance: 160

Masks & N95 Respirators

Masks & N95 Respirators

FLUIDSHIELD* Surgical N95 Respirators are designed to provide an effective facial fit as required for proper respiratory protection against airborne pathogens.
LAVENDER* Nitrile Exam Glove

LAVENDER* Nitrile Exam Glove

The ideal replacement for vinyl and latex exam gloves, providing superior barrier and more comfort than vinyl.

LAVENDER* is the #1 Nitrile Glove in the U.S. Dental Market

HALYARD LAVENDER* Nitrile Exam Gloves are thinner, lighter and more economical than standard nitrile, yet they retain the protective properties required for excellent performance across a wide range of healthcare tasks.

They pass ASTM test standards for viral penetration by blood-borne pathogens4.


  • ASTM D5151 Test Standards – Meets or Exceeds
  • ASTM D6319 Test Standards – Meets or Exceeds
  • Biocompatibility-ISO Standard for Primary Skin Irritation & Sensitivity – Meets or Exceeds

  • New SMARTPULL* dispensing incorporates two separate openings on the box. The first, smaller opening is used when the box is full and helps control dispensing to lessen waste from dropped gloves or multiple dispensing. When the box is half empty, the second, larger opening allows for easier access to the gloves.
  • 60% less storage space required with 250 count box5
  • 50% reduction in glove and packaging waste

Additional products to help protect your dental patients and staff



Advanced chloroprene technology that gives you the feel and tactile sensitivity of latex without the risk of Type I allergic reactions to natural rubber latex proteins
FLUIDSHIELD* Level 2 Expanded Chamber Surgical Mask With SO SOFT* Lining

FLUIDSHIELD* Level 2 Expanded Chamber Surgical Mask With SO SOFT* Lining

Fluid-resistant on both top and bottom of mask for top-to-bottom protection.


For use in situations which may involve splashing or spraying.

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HALYARD Dental Products Catalog

HALYARD Dental Products Catalog

Dental professionals are increasingly challenged to provide infection control for their patients, while protecting themselves. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of infection control products, you can rely on HALYARD* products for everyday performance and reliability.

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