Our Total Value

Standardization & Efficiency

Now more than ever, healthcare facilities are faced with mounting pressures to simplify, standardize and increase efficiencies in order to improve the overall financial health of the hospital system.

Health systems recognize the need to change the
way they approach financial planning...

50% of U.S. Hospitals are losing money, from
independent hospitals to multi-facility systems.

When cost-cutting isn't enough.... standardization and efficiency strategies can uncover significant savings.

Proper planning takes valuable time and resources.  We can help.

We can take a critical look at your product usage patterns to identify cost savings by realizing un-recognized inventory assets.
We can help you improve inventory utilization through standardized inventory solutions.
We can help you find ways to boost employee productivity.

Owens & Minor puts in the time and effort to help you reach your financial goals.

Customized Efficiency

  • Use the RIGHT products for the RIGHT procedures
  • REDUCE unnecessary SKUs and inventory
  • ELIMINATE waste
  • SAVE time and resources

Standardized Solutions

  • Accomplish the same goals with half the SKUs
  • Reduce gown SKUs by 40%
  • Reduce confusion at the back table
  • Do more procedures with less gown types

Reduced Downtime

  • Take a detailed look at the products you use and how you use them
  • Identify ways for your employees to be more efficient and productive
  • Save time and money by reducing costly delays in the OR

HALYARD* 5-Step Plan For A Healthier, More Efficient OR

Over the years, customers who have conducted facility-wide utilization reviews with the HALYARD* brand have realized an average of 18% savings on surgical supplies.  For many hospitals, that’s tens of thousands of dollars every year.

The HALYARD* benchmarking tool compares similar-size facilities to establish average costs per procedure before and after a utilization review. We are able to mine the procedure-specific data to understand how those savings were achieved by looking at a side-by-side comparison of product being used before and after various recommended alternatives.

Work with Halyard to identify your target areas for improvement by  understanding where your high-volume and high-cost procedures are.
We uncover savings opportunities by reviewing your pack lists, observing procedures, studying product usage and costs, and meeting with your team to understand procedure needs.
We will document observations and provide recommendations without sacrificing protection or performance.
We will provide in-servicing and work with your clinical staff members and CPT provider to help put your plan to work.
As you achieve the benefits of your plan, we’ll be there to help identify new opportunities for improvements and savings.