AERO SERIES* Surgical Gowns

HALYARD* AAMI3 and AAMI4 disposable surgical gowns offer superior performance and breathable protection, while helping reduce SKUs in hospital inventory

AERO SERIES* Performance Surgical Gowns

Most hospitals stock dozens of different codes of gowns for their ORs.  Managing all those different gown codes takes time and effort. That’s why you need AERO SERIES* Gowns.

Together, AERO CHROME* AAMI Level 4 Surgical Gowns and AERO BLUE* AAMI Level 3 Surgical Gowns1 make up the AERO SERIES*. Now you can order, stock and waste LESS, while giving your staff MORE protection, comfort and satisfaction.

  • Manage up to 40% fewer gown codes2
  • Provide the highest level protection for fluid-intensive procedures3
  • Stock one gown code for most other procedures
  • Ensure your staff is always cool, comfortable and properly protected

Ask your HALYARD* Rep about stocking fewer gowns with more benefits

HALYARD Aero Series Gowns

Color that stands out from the crowd

  • Distinctive silvery color makes it easy for key staff to choose the gown with the highest level protection
  • Helps ensure proper protection during long, fluid-intensive procedures14
  • Helps users avoid choosing a more protective gown than required for their role in the procedure
  • Generates potential cost savings

AERO CHROME* and AERO CHROME* Select Breathable Performance Surgical Gowns

AAMI Level 4 Protection That’s Cool & Comfortable

AERO CHROME* Breathable Performance Surgical Gowns combine unprecedented comfort, softness and breathability with maximum protection against fluids and pathogens.4 The result is a surgical gown that’s like nothing else in the OR today.

  • Meets AAMI Level 4 standard, providing the highest level of both fluid and microbial protection in the critical zones5
  • Highest rating for resistance to ignition from surgical lasers6
  • Excellent abrasion and lint resistance7

  • Proprietary fabric technology allows moisture vapor to escape while maintaining a high performance barrier8
  • Designed to keep your OR staff both cool and protected during long, fluid-intensive procedures9

  • When choosing from the sea of blue gowns, your OR staff may end up under-protected – or wearing a higher protection level than they require. The silvery color of AERO CHROME* and AERO CHROME* Select gowns makes it easy to choose the right gown for the right procedure

The collar that stays

The soft, comfortable collar stays flat against the skin to minimize gaping and possible exposure.1

The back panel that breathes

The AERO CHROME* surgical gown has a highly breathable back panel that maximizes air circulation.3

AERO BLUE* Performance Surgical Gown

AERO BLUE* Performance Surgical Gown

Superior protection and unsurpassed comfort for a wide range of procedures.

The new Aero Blue* Performance Surgical Gown is lighter, more breathable, amazingly soft10 with four times more fluid protection in the critical zones than other gowns in its class11. To understand how that’s possible, you have to delve down to its core. Aero Blue’s innovative fabric features our proprietary Cool Shield Core technology that lets moisture vapor pass through without fluid penetration.12 It also builds in softness and elasticity for freedom of movement without tearing.

  • The only AAMI3 gown fabric with a protective core12
  • 2 times more protective than conventional reinforced gowns11
  • Greater resistance to abrasion12 than Cardinal RoyalSilk.™
  • Highest rating against ignition6 from surgical lasers and other heat sources.

  • Lightest weight of disposable AAMI3 and AAMI4 gowns10
  • Innovative Cool Shield Core technology makes Aero Blue* Performance gowns more protective, softer, thinner and lighter

  • Your core gown – so versatile you can consolidate SKUs, simplify inventory management, and reduce your cost-in-use

Learn How The Cool Shield Core Works

Donning the AERO SERIES* Surgical gowns

Why Hospitals Should Simplify

Proliferation of multiple surgical gown types can result in:

Excess Inventories
Hospitals carry several types and codes of surgical gowns (SKUs), which can lead to excess inventory, cost and waste.
End-user confusion
It may be difficult for users to know which gown to choose to get the right level of protection for each procedure.

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Less time & effort. More protection & comfort.

Let us show you how the AERO SERIES* can reduce gown management – and your cost-in-use.

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