The work done in cleanrooms is sensitive, highly specialized and requires a glove that offers protection, as well as a superb fit to maximize comfort for longer-wear times. There are many different factors to consider when selecting a disposable glove, including fit, thickness, barrier protection, texture, and grip (sometimes called “finish”). Ensuring that cleanroom operators have the correct glove is critical and can help lead to a better user experience.

TEXTURE is a glove feature that plays a significant role in glove fit, comfort and flexibility. Texture refers to the tactile quality of the glove’s surface. There are two main texture categories for disposable gloves: smooth-textured and micro-textured. Micro-textured gloves have a raised surface providing more surface area which allows for increased contact, while smooth-textured gloves have little to no roughness, which enhances flexibility and mobility. Choosing proper glove texture for a task can help provide cleanroom employees with the necessary level of protection for their work.

HALYARD* PUREZERO* Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves

HALYARD* PUREZERO* Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves provide a variety of texture and grip options so that cleanroom workers can choose the right glove for their tasks.

GRIP (sometimes called “finish”) is another feature that is equally important for those working in cleanrooms. A glove’s grip can range from smooth (or slick finish) to tacky (or tacky finish) to provide varying degrees of grip properties. A smooth grip, also allows for double donning and offers increased comfort and improved tactile sensitivity, which is important given the long period of time cleanroom staff typically work.

HALYARD* has developed a line of PUREZERO* Cleanroom Gloves that incorporate a variety of texture and grip to provide cleanroom workers the ability to choose the right glove for their tasks. The HALYARD* PUREZERO* HG3 White SGX* Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves with SMOOTH GRIP TECHNOLOGY* (SGX) are clean processed with a smooth grip and textured fingertips, providing tactile sensitivity, a comfortable fit and the ability to double don. These gloves, which are recommended for use in ISO Class 3 or higher and Grade A/B/C/D cleanrooms, provide barrier protection against chemical splash, microorganisms and viruses. They are also accelerator-free which means a reduction in the risk of allergies and skin irritation associated with accelerator chemicals found in other nitrile gloves.

According to a study, 9 out of 10 users stated that HALYARD* PUREZERO* HG3 White SGX* Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves provide a comfortable fit with good dexterity and tactile sensitivity1. The PUREZERO* gloves bring together safety and protection while also allowing for mobility, proper grip and high-quality comfort so staff can stay focused on the important tasks at hand.

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